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The Awesome Repair Company

When things look at their most bleakest.  Your PC\Laptop has crashed or it is running slow.  You need help in upgrading your PC or Laptop.  You dropped your Laptop\Tablet and the screen is sleeping with the fishes.  What you got Virus’s.  The nation in one voice proclaims.




Repair & Support Solutions

Computer\Laptop\Mobile\Tablet Reapir

Hardware & Software Repairs

At TeqRepair our highly skilled and experienced team are well versed in the dark arts of fault diagnostics, whether that be hardware or software.  Once the fault has been diagnosed, we then make every effort to provide the best solution, which is based on the following criteria.


We will with you decide how to proceed.

We offer repair and software support for  all the major brands, Dell, Apple, HP, Acer, HP, Asus, Fujitsu, IBM, Toshiba, Sony, Samsung and so forth.  in addition we also deal with generic hardware too, so basically we cover everything.

What types of systems do we repair;-

  • Desktop PC’s
  • Laptops
  • Mobile Phones
  • Tablets
  • Servers
What types of software we support;-

  • Operating Systems – Microsoft, Apple, IOS and Android
  • Office Suites, browsers, emails clients, popular business software.
  • We also offer support for other popular software products, even though they are not listed

Please, keep in mind in regards software as we deal with many types, we have the scope and ability to deal with most software issues, by the mere fact that we have years of experience in getting a resolutions.  Sometimes, knowing what to ask and how ask software vendor support teams allows us to get a more speedier fix.

Laptop\Mobile\Tablet Screen Repair

Screen Replacement

We all suffer the ignominy of the visual output device malfunction.  Don’t worry:

We at TeqRepair are there  and to be fair, we have the flair, to carry out the repair. So no need to despair.

Virus Detected

Virus Attacked

Oh my, Oh my, what have we done.  Your PC, Laptop and even the Mobile have been infected, and all your requests are being rejected.  You were selected and now you are dejected.  Don’t fret TeqRepair will get all those nasty bugs deselected.

Operating Systems Upgrade

OS Upgrade

Upgrade, don’t be upstaged, by those who wish to high jack, low jack, or just jack.  Upgrade and join to the modern age.

Data Recovery

Data Recovery

When least expected, things go wrong, how you wished you had done a backup all along. Be strong, so get in touch, speed is of the essence don’t leave it too long, you will pull your hair out, scream and shout.  at TeqRepair  recovery is what we are about.

The Maintanance Service

PC running Slow, Laptop shutting down due to overheating.  Then you need to call TeqTepair.

If you leave it too long, a small problem can inadvertently lead to a bigger problem.

One of the most popular services at TeqRepair  is our yearly MOT (Ministry of Teqrepair), this is a full health check of your  expensive hardware.  With our MOT, we can ensure that your PC\Laptop or Server is always up-to-date with security patches, ensure that your system is running at it’s optimal level.

This involves us using all our expert knowledge and years of experience to clean and resolve the issues before they lead to a system failure.

PC Maintenance

PC Maintenance

We offer the following depending, on a full system diagnostic.

  • Full Diagnostic
  • OS & Software Updates
  • PC Tune-Up
  • Upgrades (if required)
  • Hardware Maintenance
  • Security Patching
Server Maintenance

Server Maintenance

We offer the following depending, on a full system diagnostic.

  • Full Diagnostic
  • OS & Software Updates
  • Server Tune-Up
  • Upgrades (if required)
  • Hardware Maintenance
  • Security Patching
Laptop Maintenance

Laptop Maintenance

We offer the following depending, on a full system diagnostic.

  • Full Diagnostic
  • OS & Software Updates
  • Laptop Tune-Up
  • Upgrades (if required)
  • Hardware Maintenance
  • Security Patching


Why not get the TeqRepair, M.O.T. (Ministry of TeqRepair), on all your computer and network hardware.  Ensuring, that your I.T. infrastructure, is running at it’s optimum level.

Network Issues

Teqrepair, are able to resolve network or internet issues.  Our team is able to deal with both hardware and software networking problems.

Home Users

For home users the problems are mainly broadband\internet issues.  Most of these problems can easily resolved, with our engineer visiting onsite and getting it fixed.  We can also help in instances where more indepth networking knowledge is required.  New\upgrad router install\configuration, wifi device install i.e. wifi printers.


For businesses, we offer a comprehensive network management and maintenance solutions.  We can deal with your business requirements from Cabling to Hardware Installation and Configuration.  We can deal with all major network brands, such as Cisco, D-Link, Linksys, Netgear, etc.  Whether it be a managed or unmanaged switch, faulty hardware swap out, we can do it all.

Teqrepair Network Support Services

Network Outage

Not getting any internet, users are not able connect to servers, NAS and other such issues, we have the team to to investigate and fix these issues.

Network Installation

We have the resources to design and implement full networks.  All you need to do is tell us what you require.

Network Hardware

Our team can deal with any network hardware issues, from Cisco to Zyxel.  We diagnose, and then recommend the best course of action.

Cabling & Patching

Need cabling done for network, or you need to patch your network, we have the skills and the teams to get the job done.

Business Support

At TeqRepair, we offer a comprehensive ‘One Stop Shop’ hardware and software repair, support and maintenance service.

We have built a business on  I.T technicians with knowledge, experience and who like their vocation, it is not just a job.  We take great pride in getting the job done quickly and efficiently.  As any downtime, where your employees,  are not able to do their job, is lost productivity for you.

Our aim is to build partnerships with our clients, our ethos is that your success is our success.

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If you need more information why not get in touch and let us arrange a meeting, so you too can take advantage of our Awesome Service.

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Teqrepair Business IT Support

Hardware & Software Support

Not only do we repair computers, laptops, servers & mobile phones.  TeqRepair, are also able to offer full support not only for hardware but software also.

That is what we do.

Onsite Support

Depending on the problem, we can send out an engineer to resolve issues there and then, saving time and getting your user or systems up and running as quickly as possible.

Remote Support

Using the latest Remote Support Software, our engineers are able to resolve most software solutions quickly and efficiently, remotely.

Asset Management

So, you know what was repaired, when and how, allowing you to make a more educated decision, on upgrade cycles, and licensing compliance.

Knowledge is Power



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Software Security For Home & Business

TeqRepair, highly recommends that users protect their devices

With one of the best AV solutions, ESET offer these award winning solutions.

Why TeqRepair?

No Fix, No Fee

If we can’t fix it, you don’t pay.

Experience & Expertise

We have 20+ years experience in the industry and of course our team have to deal will all manner of problems, no matter what the hardware.

No Hidden Charges

All our charges are upfront and depending on the issue prices are fixed.

Professional and Friendly

We take a the radical approach of ‘Customer is King/Queen’ , we are trained in the art of the ‘Personal Touch’.

We are Awesome!

Bringing your hardware to us, and us having a look at it cost you nothing.  We are transparent and upfront at what can be done and when. We look at each issue on an individual basis.  We are not a corporate entity, we believe in the ‘Family Friendly’ approach.

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