Laptop Hardware Repair

Your computer misbehaving, call us or use our online chat tool for an initial diagnostic, depending on our Teq’s recommendation, you can either bring it in or call us out to get your computer repaired.

Bring It In

After having taken advice from our Teq’s, you can bring in your faulty computer to us, for a FREE Full Diagnostic and Repair.


Dependent on how your initial over the phone or chat diagnostic went.  We can also visit you to try and fix the solutions onsite.  Or even come to you for a Full Diagnostic, and depending on this result take away and return the computer repaired.


Laptopt Software Issues

If you have software issue, browser crashing, Outlook not working, Microsoft Office Issue, we offer a comprehensive remote fix solution.  However, if your operating system is not booting, then in all cases we can not resolve this remotely and we will need to have the PC with us in order to fix the issue.

Remote Fix

In most cases software issues can be resolved remotely.  All you need to do is download our remote management tool.  Then our Teq is able to remotely look at the issue and resolve this.  The biggest advantage of this is speed, as neither you or we need to waste time traveling.

Bring It In

Onsite or Offisite

In case the Remote Fix is not possible, no broadband.  You can always take advantage of our onsite services or you can bring the faulty device to us, to see if the problem can be resolved there and then, by our Awesome Teq


Laptop Virus & Other Malware Removal

As online banking and shopping become the norm, making sure your computer is secure is a must.  Virus’s, key logger, and other malicious software are becoming a major headache for users.

The first thing we always recommend is that you have a robust Anti Virus solution, this where we recommend Eset.

However, if your computer is already infected a more comprehensive fix may be require, as modern Virus’s can also stop Anti Virus software from initialising and doing their job.

Bring It In

If you have a Virus, just bring it in and let us get your computer back to good health.  Or you can take advantage of our Pickup and Drop Off Service.


If you are time constrained, then we can always come out and see you.


TeqRepair Recommends

Software Security For Home Users


Why TeqRepair?

No Fix, No Fee

If we can’t fix it, you don’t pay.

Experience & Expertise

We have 20+ years experience in the industry and of course our team have to deal will all manner of problems, no matter what the hardware.

No Hidden Charges

All our charges are upfront and depending on the issue prices are fixed.

Professional and Friendly

We take a the radical approach of ‘Customer is King/Queen’ and our we are trained in the art of the ‘Personal Touch’.

We are Awesome!

Bringing your hardware to us, and us having a look at it cost you nothing.  We are transparent and upfront at what can be done and when. We look at each issue on an individual basis.  We are not a corporate entity, we believe in the ‘Family Friendly’ approach.


Laptop Slow

Is your productivity software taking to long to load or to carry out simple tasks.  Do you find that the system does not run as fast as when you first bought it.  Are you games not hitting optimum levels or you can no longer play them at the highest setting, then read on.

A significant factor in your Computer System being slow is that it is infected with Virus’s or other Malicious Software.  Another reason could be that you are running third-party software, running in the background, that is taking up to much of the system resources.

This is where our expertise and experience comes in handy, we can help identify these issues and fix them, speeding up your computer.

On the other hand, your computer is just to old, or when you bought it, at that time the specification of your computer could run most of the software that was available.

We can help you find the bottlenecks in hardware and advise you on what needs to be upgraded.


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